Insurance – Provides Bodily Injury and Property Damage coverage as a result of the caregivers’actions.

No Insurance – client has no recovery for any Bodily Injury or Property Damage from caregiver’s negligence.

(Ex. Caregiver is vacuuming and leaves a cord plugged in and the client trips and falls injuring him or herself. Client’s own medical insurance will have to pay for their own medical bills.)

(Ex. Damage to client’s property – i.e. bleach spilled on carpet, damage to home by caregiver.)


Insurance – Provides coverage for claims against a caregiver when property (cash, jewelry, credit card) may have been taken from the client.

No Insurance – Client is not protected against loss of property or belongings (including credit

card/checks/cash) that may have been taken by a caregiver. (Ex. Jewelry – limited coverage on a homeowners policy unless scheduled separately.)


Insurance – Provides sole remedy of protection for employees (caregivers) injuries.

No Insurance – If caregiver is injured while caring for the client, the caregiver may seek medical and disability payments from the client/homeowner – Not able to return to work – Limited basis. Client will not have the protection for employing the caregiver.

(Ex. Caregiver is injured in an automobile accident and is unable to work. Caregiver strains back while assisting client).

Please refer to the specific insurance policy for coverage, limitations and deductibles.